Return and Replacement Policy


No questions asked compensation for products if communicated within 48 hrs of receiving the order.

While replacing each mango may not be possible, we will send discount coupon codes to compensate for the loss. 


As a policy, orders once placed cannot be cancelled. However, the whole order amount for the products ordered by you will be refunded if the order is lost or undelivered to your preferred location.

Falraaj by Agrify Fresh reserves the right to cancel any order without any explanation for doing so, under the circumstances where the requirement could not be met. The company will ensure that any communication of cancellation of an order or any applicable refund will be made in a reasonable time.


Mangoes are perishable products which is why they cannot be naturally stored for long durations of time. Hence as a policy, any order once delivered cannot be returned.


Please Note: 1-2 mangoes being spoilt due to heat or other factors is a normal loss of goods and will not be compensated for.

NOTE – Fruit weight is always measured at harvest. 10-20% weight loss can occur due to moisture loss while ripening.